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Mirabel Fresh & Fruity offers a range of concentrated fruit drinks for the ultimate taste experience, made with fresh fruit, herbs & spices and unrefined cane sugar. Our highly concentrated, bottled natural products should always be diluted for the perfect glass serving.

Whether with still or sparkling water, tonic, even hot water for a warming infusion, the possibilities are endless! Mirabel can be used as a base to create your very own quick and easy delicious, fresh and original lemonades, mocktails, cocktails, … Or why not spice up an old favourite? Add an extra layer to your G&T, boost the flavour of your glass of fizz, and so on. Mirabel can even be used to add flavour to your favourite dishes. Whatever your tastes or level of creativity, the possibilities are truly endless!

Mirabel is produced from the kitchens of Michelin Star Restaurant Marcus in Deerlijk, West Flanders. “With Mirabel, we are indulging our day-to-day passion for seeking out new flavours and taste sensations to meet the ever-increasing demand for alcohol-free alternatives.”

A new staple for your catering business, home, work or bar, Mirabel offers unlimited possibilities in your quest to find new (original) flavours and combinations for your glass or dish. What’s more, Mirabel contains no refined sugars, preservatives or artificial flavourings.

There are currently 13 flavours in the Mirabel range, each one better than the next! At Restaurant Marcus, we always follow the seasons. This means that, consequently, certain products within the Mirabel range may at times be temporarily unavailable. Once open, Mirabel keeps for up to 60 days.